The newly-formed YDM Disability Caucus will hold its first formal meeting on October 22nd in Boston. At this meeting, the following Charter Document will be voted upon and Elections for Caucus Officers will take place. If you are interested in running for a position, please reach out to YDM Chair Tina Stanton at Please see the Charter Document below, public comment is welcome.

Proposal for the Young Democrats of Massachusetts (YDM): Disability Caucus: Charter and By-Laws


Purpose and Mission – The Young Democrats of Massachusetts Disability Caucus shall serve as the organizing body for both Young Democrats and Young at Heart Democrats who identify as having one or more disabilities. The goals of the Caucus will be to promote accessibility and ADA compliance at meeting and convention spaces statewide, to raise awareness about the disability community, and to include all young Democrats with disabilities in the Commonwealth’s Democratic process.

Programming and Meetings  Programming throughout the year shall include recruiting and registering Young Democrats with Disabilities, collaborations with Young Democrats and the State Disability Caucus, and events aimed at raising Disability awareness for Young Democrats, through collaborations with advocacy and awareness building organizations. Additionally, the board shall hold meetings both open to members and closed (board only) to plan and deliberate agenda and action steps for the caucus throughout the year.


Eligibility – Includes all members of YDM and its local chapters who 1. Are registered Democratic voters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and 2. Personally identify as an individual with either a mental or physical disability or impairment. These include but are not limited to – deafness, blindness, loss of physical limb, mobility issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD/ADD, neurobiological developmental disorders, brain injury, or major neuron diseases, or identifies as an ally. Members will have the privilege to vote on agenda items and amendments at formal meetings as well as opportunities to assist the Chair and Vice Chair in publicity, outreach, and membership recruitment.

Board Positions and Membership –  Board shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair of Programming and Communications, and Treasurer. All other eligible members may still vote on Charter amendments and action steps at formal meetings, however the Board has the right to call informal meetings as well as closed meetings in which only Board members are present. The Board shall consist of the following positions as defined accordingly:

Chair: Shall be responsible for scheduling and facilitating meetings, as well as proposing and facilitating any changes to by-laws and leadership. The Chair will also be responsible for steering the agenda of the Caucus and is expected to be the point person in hosting events and in coordinating with other organizations. The Chair shall be a voting member of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts Board and thus will be expected to attend YDM Board meetings.

Vice Chair of Programming and Communications: The Vice Chair will assist the Chair in program design and outreach, as well as be responsible for all communications both internal and external, including social media and email releases. The Vice Chair will also play a critical role in membership recruitment and retention. In the event the Chair position is vacated, the Vice Chair will assume the role of the Interim Chair until Elections.

Treasurer: Will be responsible for maintaining the budget and depository account of the Caucus. The Treasurer will also be the point person for organizing any fundraising activities.

Elections – Elections will be held on an annual basis and are open to all voting members. Any member who is eligible may be nominated at anytime, provided they have attended at least one formal meeting or event in the past year, which may include any formal meetings held concurrently with an election. In the case of a vacancy, the acting chair may  call a formal meeting which will include a special election to nominate the vacant board position and in the interim appoint an officer to serve in the role. If a special election is not called, the chair will be responsible for recruiting and filling a vacancy until the next annual election.