Democrats, Young and Young-at-Heart,

Today, many of you are probably following the vote of the Electoral College. While there may be some interesting votes cast today, it is extremely unlikely to change the expected outcome. As much as we dread it, today’s actions formalize the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.

Over the last 40+ days the looming prospect of the coming administration has tested many of us emotionally and professionally. A common thread in almost every post, letter, email and conversation is “what do we do now?” Here at the Young Democrats of Massachusetts, we’ve been working to help answer that question for all of our members.

The YDMA has been building our plan for 2017 around an entirely new approach to civic engagement. We have revitalized our YDMA Public Policy Committee​, which will keep track of policy and government actions at the State and Federal level, engage our membership with what is going on. We are also looking to formally create a YDMA Service Committee, to organize and plan service projects in our communities throughout the Commonwealth. Both of these committees are always open to new members and we encourage everyone to get involved.

More news about what we are doing next to come soon.

While we were all hoping to spend 2017 supporting our new President and her initiatives to make the world a better place, there is no change whatsoever in the fact we were always going to have to do a lot of that work ourselves.

Keep up the good fight,

Matthew Murray
Chair, Young Democrats of Massachusetts