With the election less than two weeks away, we are proud to announce our latest endorsements.




David Halbert — City Councilor At Large

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are proud to endorse David Halbert for Boston City Council. David is running on a platform of bringing greater transparency and accountability to local government. He wants to improve access by hosting city council meetings in communities and creating a hybrid school committee of elected and appointed members that would better serve teachers, parents, and students.  A young Democrat himself, David understands the value of investing in young people and wants the city to establish a co-op program for high school students to develop job skills through city agencies. Not only does David have a range of innovative ideas for the city council, but he brings years of experience working in government at the local, county, and state levels.


Alejandra St. Guillen — City Councilor At Large

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are proud to endorse Alejandra St. Guillen for Boston City Council At-large. Prior to running, Alejandra was the Director of the City of Boston’s Office of Immigrant Advancement, where she was the point-person for policies and initiatives meant to support the city’s vibrant immigrant communities. She will continue to be a champion for policies meant to create real opportunities for young people to live and thrive in this city. Through her campaign, she has made clear that she will use her position to uplift communities of color, fighting for those who need a champion on the Boston City Council. We believe that she brings the right ideas and perspectives to the job, and look forward to working to make sure she is elected on November 5th.


Michelle Wu — City Councilor At Large

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are proud to endorse Michelle Wu for Boston City Council at-large. For the last 6 years, Councilor Wu has been one of the most active members of the City Council, fighting for progressive policies meant to address climate change, inequality, and transportation accessibility in Boston. Councillor Wu has always been one of the most accessible members of the City Council, and is willing to engage with constituents through any means imaginable, including social media. She does not shy away from the difficult, thorny issues, as shown by her most recent proposal to entirely reshape the way development occurs in the city of Boston. We know that Michelle Wu is a powerful advocate for young residents in Boston, and that is why the Young Democrats of Massachusetts offer a strong endorsement of her bid for re-election.

Kim Janey — District 7 City Councilor

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are proud to endorse Kim Janey for Boston City Council District 7. Councilor Janey is finishing her first term in office, and deserves to be re-elected for a second. She continues to be a strong, community-focused leader who continues to work with and fight for the people in her district. In her time in office, and in this campaign, she has centered much of her work around the cause of making sure the city’s economic growth is spread throughout equitably, and not concentrated among only those at the top. Her consistent focus on social justice and equity is why the Young Democrats of Massachusetts endorse her bid for re-election.

Kenzie Bok — District 8 City Councilor

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are proud to endorse Kenzie Bok for Boston City Council. Kenzie is one of the most qualified candidates running for office in Boston this year. Not only does she hold a PhD from Cambridge, but she has significant government experience having served as Budget Director for Boston City Councilor Anissa Essaibi George and Senior Advisor for Policy and Planning at the Boston Housing Authority. She also led the charge in passing and drafting Boston’s Community Preservation Act, increasing funding for affordable housing, historic sites, and public recreation spaces. A housing policy wonk, Kenzie is exceptionally qualified to help tackle Boston’s crisis of housing affordability. The Boston City Council needs the leadership of people like Kenzie Bok. 




Alanna Mallon — City Council

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are proud to endorse Alanna Mallon for re-election to the Cambridge City Council.  Prior to working on the council, Alanna founded the Weekend Backpack Program, which sends food home with over 600 students in Cambridge, and she has continued work to address food insecurity as an elected official.  She helped to secure funding for free breakfast in all Cambridge Public Schools and expand access to free summer meals for kids under age 18 at public sites throughout the city. Alanna is also working with the city and a local financial institution to establish a Children’s Savings Account program with the goal of improving financial literacy and creating savings accounts to go towards postsecondary education. Alanna has had an impressive first term with a track record of investing in young people.


Sumbul Siddiqui — City Council

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are proud to endorse Sumbul Siddiqui for the Cambridge City Council. Sumbul is running for reelection in the city she grew up in following a first term in which she prioritized affordable housing and connecting residents with good jobs, drawing on skills from her work as a public interest attorney to tackle a range of constituent issues. As Co-Chair of the Housing Committee she is fighting to preserve existing affordable housing stock and got funds to hire additional housing attorneys to represent people at rick of displacement.  She has also advocated for more funding towards the city’s workforce development providers through her work as Chair of the city’s Economic Development and University Relations Committee. We are excited to see what Sumbul will accomplish in a second term serving on the council.




Jack Eccles – Melrose Board of Aldermen – At Large

The Young Democrats of Massachsuetts are proud to endorse Jack Eccles for Melrose Board of Aldermen. Jack is a smart young progressive looking to bring new perspectives to the board of aldermen. He has already been actively involved in fighting at the local level to make Melrose a better city for its residents, including his advocacy for the recent Proposition 2 ½ override necessary to fund a new school for the next generation of students. In this campaign, Jack has spoken out in favor of making sure that the community meets the required 10% affordability threshold, which would help alleviate the housing crisis in Eastern Massachusetts. He has also made a number of proposals regarding sustainability that show that he is serious about trying to use municipal policy to address climate change at the local level. Jack is a passionate, policy-oriented candidate who would bring a lot to the board of aldermen.



Lizzie Gelles – Waltham City Council – Ward 1

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are proud to endorse Lizzie Gelles for Waltham City Council in District 1. Lizzie is a deeply knowledgable, committed progressive looking to bring a fresh voice to the city council. She is an active member of the community, who has made clear that she is going to fight for sustainability, affordability, and transparency. We believe that she will advocate strongly on behalf of the needs of young people, whether they are students in the high school or young parents trying to make a life in Waltham.