BOSTON, Massachusetts — September 30, 2016 — The Young Democrats of Massachusetts, the official youth organization for Democrats in Massachusetts, announced today that it is endorsing a position of NO on Question 2 and YES on Question 4, two of the four ballot questions that voters will decide on this November.

Question 2 would lift the current cap on charter schools, allowing 12 new schools to be chartered each year. Question 4 would legalize the recreational use of marijuana for individuals 21 years and older and regulate it like alcohol.

“We chose to take up Questions 2 and 4 because these are two issues that are especially relevant and important for young people in the Commonwealth,” said Matthew Murray, Chair of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts. “I’m glad that these positions were endorsed by such an overwhelming margin.”

The board of directors of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts voted 15 in favor and 1 against endorsing a position of NO on Question 2, with no abstentions. They voted 13 in favor and 2 against a position of YES on Question 4, with 1 abstention.

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts is not endorsing a position on either Question 1, which concerns approving a license for a new slot machine establishment, or on Question 2, which bans overly confining cages for certain farm animals.