Rep. David Biele was elected in November 2018 to represent South Boston’s 4th Suffolk District. 

(1) What got you involved in politics in the first place?

Local issues in my immediate neighborhood caused me to first get involved in politics. I worked with neighbors and community leaders on a few quality of life issues and, even though it was a long road, together we were able to bring about real change. It was an incredible experience because I learned how local government works and could see the progress being made in our neighborhood because of dedicated, collective efforts from the community. 

(2) What inspired you to run for this office?

I ran for office because I love my community and my neighborhood.  My community upbringing shaped who I am today, and my parents taught me the importance of giving back through service at a young age.  I’ve always tried to let those lessons guide me, both professionally and in my spare time as a volunteer. Collectively, those experiences showed me first hand how to effectuate positive change in my community through service. Every day, elected officials wake up and spend their day working to better their neighborhoods and communities, and I can’t think of a more rewarding profession or more important work.

(3) What were the most important lessons you learned during the campaign?

Get a comfortable pair of shoes and stock up! All kidding aside, it was important to push beyond the initial awkwardness that comes with campaigning. Fundraising, door knocking, and speaking publicly at community events and debates are hard enough, so it was important to get comfortable in those situations.

(4) What are your priorities for the new legislative session?

We are faced with a multitude of challenges, including high housing costs and the opioid crisis. One area I am hoping to make progress on this session involves public transit, particularly around bus service. I live near a bus stop at the start of service for my neighborhood, which means I am fortunate enough to be able to get on a bus during the morning commute. Other riders, however, are not as fortunate as buses regularly fill to capacity after only a few stops, compounding wait times for riders along the rest of the route. This problem has grown exponentially in recent years, and some bus stops are notorious for having crowds of people in a line that it stretches around the corner. As the session progresses, I’m looking forward to engaging with transportation officials on ways to make service more efficient and reliable for commuters. 

(5) Why is it important for more young people to get active in the Democratic Party?

The best way to bring about change is through direct involvement at the local level, which will help young people learn how local government works and bring them into contact with elected representatives and other civic-minded activists. This type of hands-on activism will equip young people with the tools necessary to advocate for their community as a whole and in support of issues and topics that are important to them as individuals. Knowledge and education are powerful tools, and the only way harness them is by getting involved.