Daniel Carey was elected to the 2nd Hampshire district in the MA State House in November 2018. The district contains South Hadley, Easthampton, Hadley, and part of Granby. 

(1) What got you involved in politics in the first place?

I initially became involved in politics by volunteering on campaigns. I first ran for office in 2013 as I wanted to contribute more to my community. That year, on my 29th birthday, I was elected to the Easthampton School Committee. I served a full term there and chaired the Finance Subcommittee. In 2015, I was elected to the Easthampton City Council and served on its Finance and Public Safety Subcommittees until I was sworn in as State Representative this year.

(2) What inspired you to run for this office?

The 2nd Hampshire District had a great Rep who was retiring after sixteen years. I ran to bring to the State House a new, fresh, and energized State Representative willing to fight to make sure that the voices of western Massachusetts are heard in Boston.

(3) What were the most important lessons you learned during the campaign?

I really enjoyed talking with folks from across the district. It was important to me to hear about all the different issues that are on people’s minds. While the issues varied from person to person, the level of passion was similar. It is an honor to fight for these issues and for these people each day.

(4) What are your priorities for the new legislative session?

I plan to work to improve public education, increasing pre-K opportunities; ensuring adequate school funding, safety, and tolerance in our schools; and providing relief from crushing student loan debt. I plan to work in the area of healthcare, assuring access to affordable excellent health care for everyone, working to stem the tide of the ravaging opioid epidemic, and fighting to keep prescription costs affordable. I plan to work in the area of economic development, making sure that western Mass gets its fair share of monies to repair our roads and bridges, and making commuter rail expansion to western Mass a reality.

(5) Why is it important for more young people to get active in the Democratic Party?

Today’s decisions shape our future. It is important for everyone to get active and contribute to shaping that future. It is especially important for young people because so many questions we currently face — climate change for example — need action now, and the action (or inaction) will affect all of us. We are stronger when we all work together and getting involved is the first step in that collaboration.