Rep. Christopher Hendricks was elected in November 2018 to represent the 11th Bristol district, which includes parts of Acushnet and New Bedford.

(1) What got you involved in politics in the first place?

I have always been interested in law, government, and politics since I was young. After practicing law a few years and with Trump’s electio, I decided to run for office to combat the war against working people.

(2) What inspired you to run for this office?

The escalating war against working people and the rise of nationalism made me get into politics sooner than I originally has anticipated.

(3) What were the most important lessons you learned during the campaign?

That if you want to make change, you’d better be ready to work. Listening to voters and discussing issues is important but it can be exhausting.

(4) What are your priorities for the new legislative session?

As a recovering alcoholic myself, I find getting a handle on the opioid crisis to be paramount. People are dying at a staggering rate, and we still need to do more relative to aftercare and access to the resources that are necessary to treat addiction, such as rides to recovery meetings and appointments, food, and housing.

And public education funding. We need to rework the formulas that determine the funding for our towns and cities. Astronomical inequities in this area are coming to a breaking point. We also have to establish universal pre-K and full day kindergarten once and for all.

(5) Why is it important for more young people to get active in the Democratic Party?

Because young people and this generation are not going to have the same opportunities that our parents once had, sadly. The changing face of the economy has a lot of question marks. With automation growing and markets changing with things like Lyft and Uber, our generation has to insist that public policy moving forward addresses these new dynamics in the economy. If not, the wealth gap will only increase and the middle class will continue to suffer.