YDM is proud to support the man who founded YDM while serving as State Party Chair, and who has championed youth issues empowerment throughout his career, Treasurer candidate Steve Grossman!


Grossman, the first ever recipient of the Bob Smith Award in recognition of outstanding leadership for the youth of the Democratic Party, has been a champion for youth issues and civic engagement throughout his career.  This past Tuesday, the Board of Directors of YDM voted unanimously to endorse and target his race with a contribution and grassroots support.

"I’m proud to receive the endorsement of the Young Dems.  I have always sought to engage and empower young people and was pleased to lay the groundwork for YDM during my time as Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.  I owe our success thus far, including our overwhelming win at the Democratic State Convention in Worcester, to the dedicated young professionals among my campaign staff and volunteers.  I know with their endorsement, Young Dems will continue to play a critical role in our grassroots strategy to win in November,” said Grossman.Grossman & Young Dems at 2010 MA Dems Convention

"Steve Grossman has demonstrated a commitment to engaging young people in the political process and has shown the leadership we need to keep the Commonwealth moving forward.  Across the Commonwealth, our members are proud to stand with him and make sure he is elected our next Treasurer on November 2," said Elaine Almquist, vice chair of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts.

Read the full press release on his endorsement.

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