Statement from Young Democrats of Massachusetts Chair Elaine Almquist Calling on Sen. Brown to support President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act

BOSTON – Young Democrats of Massachusetts Chair Elaine Almquist issued the following statement today calling on Senator Scott Brown to put partisanship aside and support President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act. Previously, Young Democrats of Massachusetts Vice Chair of Programming & Policy John Kleschinsky penned the organization’s stance on how the president can invest in American workers.

“The Young Democrats of Massachusetts are very supportive of the President’s comprehensive plan, which can produce real results for unemployed Americans, particularly young people. Investing in education and infrastructure now will improve the economy today and create a stronger future for all Americans. 

“Now, our attention turns to Congress to act. We are confident that many in our delegation will be supportive. We hope that Senator Brown, who has voted with Republicans almost 90 percent of the time, will put aside his partisanship and help get this bill passed. Senator Brown has a great opportunity to act like the independent that he ran as and we hope he will put aside his tired rhetoric of opposing tax cuts for the wealthy, his opposition to youth job programs, and his unrelenting desire to remove important regulations that protect Americans. Young people across the Commonwealth call on Senator Brown to work with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get this package passed.

“With unemployment among youth at a staggering rate twice that of average Americans, the Young Democrats of Massachusetts are very pleased to see that the President included funding for youth job programs in his proposal. This common sense measure provides critical job training for thousands of young people, will strengthen our economy, and provides essential opportunities in communities of color where the unemployment rate is a staggering 31%. We only hope that our junior Senator, Scott Brown, will follow the President’s lead and reverse his opposition to funding youth job programs.

“Members of YDM are also very supportive of President Obama’s commitment to creating jobs through investment in our infrastructure and new technologies. Massachusetts is a leader in these areas, but further investment can take us further and put more young people back to work. Despite being the first state in the nation to create a subway system and our investment in the Big Dig, the MBTA is now facing barriers created by its age and we still have many neglected roads and bridges. Public transportation is particularly important to young workers and students, and we are grateful that the President seeks to put people to work to address these issues. We hope that Sen. Brown will abandon the anti-infrastructure rhetoric he uses to describe the stimulus and support these important investments.

“We are encouraged that President Obama has called on those who have benefited the most from the American economy to give back and help make it stronger. We hope that Sen. Brown will abandon his unrelenting support for tax cuts for the rich to allow for these important investments in our economy.”


The Young Democrats of Massachusetts is a partisan political organization with more than 3,000 members across the Commonwealth, YDM mobilizes to create positive change in the causes and for the candidates that reflect the values of its members.  YDM members are the leaders of today: young, registered Democrats under the age of 36 committed to getting Democrats elected and promoting progressive legislation.