BOSTON, Massachusetts — January 13, 2017 — The Young Democrats of Massachusetts, the official youth organization for Democrats in Massachusetts, announced their endorsement of Santiago Nariño for Democratic National Committeeman.

Nariño, 22, is the president of the College Democrats and the founder and executive director of the the non-profit Latinx Action Group. He is running for the vacant seat on the Democratic National Committee which was formerly held by Gus Bickford, who resigned the position upon his election to be the chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

“We are excited to announce our endorsement of Santiago Nariño for Democratic National Committeeman,” said Matthew Murray, chair of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts. “Working with Santi and the College Democrats over the past year, we have no doubt that he’ll bring the same ethic and vision to the DNC and represent the interests of Massachusetts Democrats – especially the millennial generation.”

“The main reason I’m running is because I think we need the experience of the older delegates… and new energy brought into the party,” said Nariño. Millennials are now the most populous generation in America, as well as being the most diverse generation in American history, but no millennials currently serve on the Democratic National Committee.

Referencing November’s presidential election, Nariño stated, “We have lost the most important election of our lifetime and it’s because we have forgotten a 50 state strategy but a country/town/city coalition mentality. We can’t take anything for granted, and we need people having conversations and active in every community including Massachusetts. I want to bring the experience and the outlook of community organizing and social justice into the equation and bring for the coalition mentality that has allowed me to build my non-profit and also the success of CDM over the last year.”

The Massachusetts Democratic State Committee will elect the newest member of the Massachusetts delegation to the Democratic National Committee at the Democratic State Committee meeting on February 2nd in Dorchester.