YDM is excited to support State Senator Jamie Eldridge!

Eldridge, whose entire full-time campaign staff is made up of young Democrats, is a strong independent leader who has worked to increase transparency and accountability in government.  Among his accomplishments, Eldridge led the fight to hold corporations accountable for the tax breaks they receive from the state and to reduce the influence of corporate money in Massachusetts politics. He was named Legislator of the Year by the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters and has worked to create green jobs to spur economic development.

“Eldridge has supported education aid for all communities, supports further reforms and innovations to bring our public school system in to the 21st century, and has stood with young Democrats on many important initiatives in affordable housing, healthcare, job creation, and civil rights,” said Elaine Almquist, vice chair of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts.  “YDM is proud to stand with legislators who take the lead on progressive priorities, and we are excited to help re-elect Senator Eldridge.”

Read the full press release about YDM’s Endorsement.

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Please help us make sure Sen. Eldridge is re-elected to continue serving the interests of youth across Massachusetts by giving today!

Jamie Eldridge (MA-SD-Middlesex & Worcester) $