We, the High School Democrats of Massachusetts, the College Democrats of Massachusetts, and the Young Democrats of Massachusetts, stand with Young Democrats of America, College Democrats of America and  the Democratic State Committee of Massachusetts in calling for a climate debate. We share our disappointment with the Democratic National Committee’s decision not to hold a climate debate.


In a summer in which we have seen extreme heat and extreme flooding across the country, it is clear that the severity of the climate crisis is real, and it is already upon us. Although our generations have contributed the least to this crisis, we will bear the brunt of the impact, facing a planet that could be uninhabitable as we approach middle age. 


Climate change is a complex and intersectional issue. It affects marginalized communities disproportionately, and its impacts extend to all sectors of the economy, our foreign policy, and more. A few questions here and there in general debates will never be able to capture the scope of the crisis and the necessary solutions. While the final vote at the DNC was on a resolution that called for multiple single issue debates, we believe this is still better than the status quo, as it would provide time for Democratic candidates to dig deeper into an array of issues. We know that when Democrats are able to speak to people about the issues that matter to them, Democrats win. We call upon our leaders and elected officials to continue to bring climate change to the forefront of policy discussions and encourage all of our members to call for the same.