The Young Democrats of Massachusetts stand in support of Newton District Judge Shelley Joseph and court officer Wesley MacGregor. The charges brought against them are but the latest effort by an increasingly authoritarian federal government to undermine our independent courts and rule through intimidation. ICE has routinely acted to undermine faith in the sanctity and security of our courts, despite unambiguous evidence that attempting to detain undocumented people at the courthouse discourages them from cooperating with law enforcement. This cooperation is key to protect themselves and all of our communities from victim crimes that impact us all.

We urge the state legislature to swiftly pass the Safe Communities Act and the Work & Family Mobility Act, and to take any and all additional measures to ensure ICE has no pretext to needlessly harass undocumented immigrants simply trying to peaceable contribute to our communities. We call on all of our elected officials to unambiguously stand with Judge Joseph and officer MacGregor for defending public faith in our courts from all members of the Commonwealth.