Highlight advances in employment and education for young Americans, differences from former Gov. Romney

BOSTON – In response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, Young Democrats of Massachusetts Chair Elaine Almquist issued the following statement:

"President Obama and congressional Democrats have fought to stem the tide of rising unemployment for young people and all Americans, and the President’s speech laid out a positive vision for an America that is built to last.

"Young people across the nation will benefit from the President Obama’s new ideas for educating students and training workers to compete and succeed in the jobs of the future. More than three million students were able to attend college thanks to the President’s investment in Pell Grants and high school students will graduate better prepared to compete in our economy thanks to the President’s work with 27 states — including Massachusetts — to improve standards without any new mandates or federal dollars.

"President Obama has laid out a blueprint for building a country and economy where we reward hard work and responsibility, where everyone plays by the same rules and where everyone does their fair share. He has spent the last three years advancing those goals while Republicans like Mitt Romney and Scott Brown have been lining their own pockets and fighting for the top 1 percent.  Romney’s tax forms released today after public pressure show that Romney is not interested in paying it forward, and that he is out of touch with regular people like us.

"Young people across Massachusetts know as well as anyone that this is a make or break moment for the middle class. We can keep America moving forward to rebuild our economy and level the playing field for everyone or we can drift back into an economy where opportunity is reserved for a wealthy few and the burden of our economic recovery is placed squarely on the shoulders of the middle class.

"Whether the GOP nominee is Mitt Romney or another right-wing extremist, members of YDM stand ready to highlight the very real differences in their values and ours. President Obama has stood up for the middle class and spoken out for a tax system in which our former Governor Mitt Romney would pay his fair share of taxes. Romney, on the other hand, opposes the Buffett Rule, which would make sure millionaires and billionaires like him don’t pay lower tax rates than the middle class, and has used loopholes and off-shore accounts to protect his money."

"As young people just building our future, we know President Obama is the best person to continue the economic recovery and work for our chance at obtaining the American Dream."

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January 24, 2012
Contact: Kevin Gilnack, Communications Director
kgilnack@ydma.org, 617.506.9670