Dear Young Democrats,YDM Logo

The next 40 days will determine whether we elect leaders committed to equality, education, and healthcare, or usher in a new wave of conservative politicians committed to a government for the privileged few.  The pundits believe that young people will not get out and vote on November 2nd.  We need to prove them wrong.

We have compelling candidates, like Gov. Deval Patrick & Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, Treasurer candidate Steve Grossman, Senator Jamie Eldridge, and others, and they need our help. 

As young Democrats, now is our time to step up. Today, I am asking you to make two commitments:

  1. Take Election Day, Nov. 2, off work and help YDM and the Coordinated Campaign turn out the youth vote.  Take the pledge to help GOTV on election day now!
  2. Commit to at least 3 YDM campaign action events between now and Nov. 2 to help make a difference for Democratic candidates in tough races.  Check out the upcoming events calendar and sign-up now.

Please give a few hours of your time this election year, it’s incredibly important.  Together we can make a difference, and show the world that young people are ready to take a leadership role in our Party, our Commonwealth, and our country.  We are the future, now.


Young Democrats of Massachusetts

PS – It goes without saying, but I’m still going to say it. Please vote for our Democratic candidates on Nov. 2, and make sure your family and friends do the same. We can’t take any vote for granted!