Young Democrats Across the Commonwealth Eager to Show Support


July 30, 2012 – Boston, Massachusetts – The Young Democrats of Massachusetts (YDM) is proud to make an official endorsement of Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for US Senate. Warren was endorsed in a unanimous vote that took place during the first board meeting following her Massachusetts State Democratic Convention primary sweep. For the next months until the election, the YDM and its affiliate local chapters will work to promote Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy through electoral engagement with youth voters including canvassing, phone banking, flyering and voter registration.

Warren believes in equality plain and simple, and the important role that government plays in protecting it. She is a strong supporter of access to women’s reproductive health care, LGBTQ equality, equal pay for equal work, affordable higher education and fair voting rights. She believes in giving every Massachusetts resident, whether a starting student or long-time business owner, a fair chance for prosperity.

“Growing up in this state, studying here, and starting our careers and families, young voters in Massachusetts need an ally in Washington who understands that not all roads are paved in gold,” said John Kleschinsky, Chair of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts. “We, like Elizabeth, know the importance of hard work, but that that is not always enough to create success. She has always been a strong supporter of common-sense politics, and the Young Democrats of Massachusetts believe she can restore common-sense in Washington.”

Elizabeth Warren has a long track record of fighting for the middle class and holding Wall St. accountable. After serving as a Harvard Law School Professor for nearly 20 years, she broke onto the national scene in 2008, as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). After the financial crisis of 2008, she worked to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and stayed to make sure it had enough funding to do its job. She believes in a level playing field, where the wealthiest and most powerful don’t get more power and more wealth, and that provides a foundation for growth in Massachusetts’ future.

Since announcing our support, YDM and its local chapters have already spent dozens of hours knocking on doors and phone banking, connecting with hundreds of residents on Warren’s behalf.  For more information on how you can help YDMA work toward Elizabeth Warren’s victory in 2012 visit:


The Young Democrats of Massachusetts is a partisan political organization with over 3,000 members mobilized to create positive change across the Commonwealth.  Our members are the leaders of today: Democrats under the age of 36 committed to getting Democrats elected and promoting progressive legislation.  We are the future: now.