The YDMA Tech Committee is looking for members! Please send your resume over to if interested.

So what does the Tech Committee do?

The Tech Committee is responsible for:

  • Organizing and managing YDMA’s membership database, including identifying gaps in the data, working with chapters and the Communications Committee to fix and keep the data externally relevant, and processing new membership data as it comes in;
  • Managing YDMA’s public facing web-presence. Working with Communications Committee and chapters to ensure the website stays up-to-date. Developing interesting and interactive content for the website based on the needs of the organization;
  • Choosing and administering a platform for the YDMA internal web presence “intranet”. Making sure the intranet stays up to date and contains useful, interactive content whenever appropriate;
  • Tracking projects and tasks using Trello;
  • Choosing and administering a platform for document storage and sharing so that the organization can build its knowledge base;
  • Assisting the organization with graphic design, audio/visual editing, computer programming, or other specialized skills when needed;
  • Deployment and support of VoteBuilder to YDMA chapters throughout the state;
  • Enforcing data security policies;
  • Training and support of all of the above.

You should apply to be on the Tech Committee if you have been to at least two YDMA events and have experience with any of the following:

  • Computer programming of any kind;
  • IT or some other form of technical support;
  • Managing large databases;
  • Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel (beyond the basics);
  • Task managers such as Trello, Jira, Basecamp, or Todoist;
  • Processing large amounts of data;
  • Web development;
  • Photoshop or graphic design;
  • Data security best practices;
  • Zoom, Hangouts, and other video conferencing applications;
  • Facebook or YouTube live streaming of events.

Bonus Points:

  • Any other experience which is technical in nature and could be used to help the organization become more efficient or effective.
  • Photography skills (and a professional camera) for photographing our events, interviews, candid photos of rallies, legislative briefings, and etc.
  • Experience working in political campaigns, doing data entry for campaigns, and cutting turf with VoteBuilder.