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Why Election Day Registration Matters

Young people move around a lot. According to recent statistics, one in five millennials probably changed address over the past year. And that doesn’t account for those even younger, heading off to college for the first time and changing address during their four or more years there. Our 20-day voter registration cutoff, as a result,…
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We Made a Promise to Our Students. We Need to Keep It.

Quality public education for all is a central component of the YDMA and Mass Dems platforms, and no bill before the legislature better delivers on this promise than the PROMISE Act (S.238/H.586), filed by Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz and Representatives Mary Keefe and Aaron Vega. Massachusetts is the birthplace of public education in the US, and…
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YDMA July Policy Newsletter: Time to Take Action

This is the second newsletter for the ‘18-’19 YDMA Policy Committee. We work to bring YDMA members together to discuss how we can help one another move the policy conversation in a productive direction. Our newsletter will highlight: Opportunities to persuade your state & federal officials on policy Events you can participate in to learn…
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