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Election 2012: 2nd Presidential Debate

If you’re like us you were sitting on your couch with your bowl of popcorn watching last night’s debate. As we hoped the President came out and challenged Governor Romney. A much better performance than he had a couple of weeks ago. If you missed the 2nd Presidential debate, fear not, as always we’ve got…
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Election 2012: Vice Presidential Debate

Chances are you didn’t miss last night’s debate between Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan. But if you’re like us, you’ll want to watch this one again. What a great performance from the Vice President! So get fired up and then get out there and join us to volunteer for all of YDM’s endorsed candidates. Visit…
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Election 2012: 3rd US Senate Debate, Springfield

Last week Senator Brown said his model Supreme Court Justice was Justice Antonin Scalia. Last night during the 3rd US Senate debate Senator Brown said he was glad that Grover Norquist agreed with him on taxes. For a self-proclaimed “moderate” he sure has some extremely conservative friends. If you missed it you can watch the entire debate below.

Election 2012: The First Presidential Debate

Last night President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney met for the first of three Presidential debates. If you missed it or want watch it again, we present it below in its entirety.

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts Announce 2012 Endorsements

Boston, Massachusetts – October 17, 2012 – The Young Democrats of Massachusetts (YDM) have announced the endorsement of 22 Democratic candidates who have demonstrated a consistent track record of building a better commonwealth for young people to succeed. YDM chose candidates for their unwavering advocacy of youth issues including jobs and the economy, access to…
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Election 2012: Watch the 2nd US Senate Debate

Did you miss the 2nd US Senate debate between Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren? You can watch the full video here!

Young Dems, Samuel L. Jackson has a message for you. Wake the….

Enjoy the video (NSFW) and then join us this weekend.