Roll Call Attendance

Led by Caesar

  • In person: Rebecca, Caesar, Melissa, Aidan, Rob, Frank, Liana, Makayla, Jonathan P, Bryan, Matt M, Lisa, Jeremy, Jonathan C
  • On phone: Michael B, Brittany, Meghan L, James B, Brendan, Alex, Laura, Caroline, Jocelyn, Hanna, Solomon


President’s Remarks

Led by Rebecca

  • Congrats Jeremy on DSC win. It was great to show up and support Jeremy with signs, etc.
  • Two months out from election, trying to organizing phone banking and canvassing. Liana will focus on areas we don’t have active chapters.
  • Glad we started tiered system, looking forward to improving on it for net year


Treasurer Report

Led by Frank

  • $4,600 in PAC
  • North Shore around $800

Membership Report

Led by Melissa

  • Doing a lot to increase exposure, canvassing, etc. Would like to have quarterly virtual meeting last thursday of this month (September 27th).
  • New Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus headed by Mina Pollman
  • Work with caucus chairs to have regular checkins.
  • Working with Michael Bakshi on online sign up form.
  • Membership survey. Feedback on things we want to bring up, will prepare something to send out.

Tracking Goals and Measuring Success

Led by Caesar

  • We track online signups and people who show up to events. Trying to streamline this is which relate to online sign up form. Also keep regular attendance logs, chapters and caucus send sign in sheets. Currently utilizing it by tracking people who’ve gone to at least 1 meeting – Melissa.
  • Rebecca thinks meetings are good to track things. three levels) people on mailing list and Facebook. Good to track active young dems vs support/young at hearts. third is members who are active.
  • Melissa thinks membership survey will help us get better metrics for this.

Chapter Expenses

Led by Rebecca

  • Anything over $50 needs board approval. People usually ask $50-$100, under $50 is at discretion of Rebecca but she’d prefer to go through the board.

Social Media Ad Buy For Endorsed Candidates Vote

Led by Alex

  • $10 for each candidate we’ve endorsed?
  • Melissa would prefer to hold off
  • Liana says any ad buy we do will need to be ran by campaigns for them to approve. The process for making political ads is a lot more complicated so we’d need to start working very soon. Lisa thinks this money could be better spent on YDMA events. Matt: prioritize tight races and ballot initiatives, $25 or $50 would be better. Rebecca suggests we put together a plan with multiple options.

YDMA September Social Cohosted by GBYD

Led by Rob

  • Rob is organizing an event for the end of the month to be hosted by GBYD.
  • Event coming up on 26th, flap top johnnies YDMA Social event, trying to get candidates to show up.
  • If anyone wants to help Rob reach out to candidates/campaigns let him know.

Canvassing Schedule For Endorsed Candidates

Led by Liana

  • 9/15 – Tram Nguyen (partnering with New Leaders Council)
    • Meeting at North Station so we can all take commuter rail (meet at 8:20)
  • Liana will be following up with more info and dates
  • Canvassing for ballot initiatives can be a good opportunity for GBYD.
  • We can we also give out Jay Gonzalez lit, Matt and Melissa said this could be an issue in certain areas and we want to help our endorsed candidates most. Liana recommends reaching out to campaigns first. We can also do more to share Jay endorsements.
  • 9/22 – Jack Stanton
  • 9/29 – Katie McBrine

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Director Vote

Led by Caesar

  • Makayla Parkin 23


YDA National Committeeperson (male-identifying) Vote

Led by Rebecca

  • Caesar Nuzzolo 17
  • Jonathan Paz 6
  • Adin Lykken 0
  • Sam Chery 0

Endorsement Votes

Led by Caesar

  • Jim Hawkins, State Rep, 2nd Bristol
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Jamie Eldridge, State Senate, Middlesex & Worcester
    • 22 yes, 1 no
  • Rachel Rollins, Suffolk County DA
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Matthew Crescenzo, State Rep, 9th Essex
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Chris Tribou, State Rep, 22nd Middlesex
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Becca Rausch, State Senate, Norfolk, Bristol, & Middlesex
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Brian Hamlin, State Rep, 9th Norfolk
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Mindy Domb, State Rep 3rd Hampshire
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Tami Gouveia, State Rep, 14th Middlesex
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Lindsay Sabadosa, State Rep, 1st Hampshire
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Maria Robinson, State Rep, 6th Middlesex
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Jay Gonzalez, Governor
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Quentin Palfrey, Lieutenant Governor
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Ayanna Pressley, US House 7th District
    • Unanimously endorsed
  • Bill Galvin, Secretary of State
    • Unanimously endorsed