President Obama delivering the State of the Union

On Tuesday, January 25, President Barack Obama will address both chambers of Congress, the Supreme Court, other leaders from the administration, and millions of Americans to deliver his State of the Union Address.

Where have we come over the last year?  What does the shift of power in the House mean?  How can we restore civility to public discourse?  What should we look forward to in the year to come?

While the President and Democrats in Congress made great strides in helping our economy recover and advancing our values, there are still big challenges and big opportunities facing our nation.  Save the date for Tuesday 1/25 from 7:30 – 10:30 to connect with Young Democrats in your area to watch thePresident’s State of the Union Address!



Local YDM chapters are currently finalizing locations for State of the Union watch parties across Massachusetts.  Make sure that you receive the details by joining your chapter’s Facebook Group:


PS: All politics are local, and your local elections are right around the corner.  If you are living in Massachusetts full-time or as a student and are not registered to vote here yet, make sure you have a voice by visiting and clicking "Register to Vote Now" on the top of the page!

Jonathan Sclarsic
Chair, Young Democrats of Massachusetts

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