Tuesday’s Elections showed some pretty amazing results for the endorsed candidates of the Young Democrats. Most of our candidates won, and many of those candidates whose races didn’t turn out as we’d hoped still came in close and ran great campaigns. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts thanks our members and allies for putting themselves out there as leaders in the community, and for supporting our Democratic ideals. Congratulations to our newly elected and re-elected friends. We wish you the very best of luck in your terms.


At Large City Council:

  • Felix Arroyo: re-elected
  • John Connolly: re-elected
  • Stephen Murphy: re-elected
  • Ayanna Pressley: re-elected

District 2 City Council:

  • Suzanne Lee: lost by 87 votes, an incredibly close election, and surely a good platform to run again in the future!

At-Large City Council: Jass Stewart: re-elected
City Council:

  • Leland Cheung: re-elected
  • Matt Nelson: ran a great campaign, but sadly did not win.
  • Sam Seidel: sadly lost his seat in this election.
  • Denise Simmons: re-elected

City Council: Matt Frank: elected again

Mayor: Alex Morse: elected
City Council:

  • Aaron Vega: re-elected
  • Brenna Murphy: re-elected

School Committee: Devin Sheehan: re-elected
School Committee: Jim Blatchford: elected
School Committee: Robert Gignac: elected
School Committee: Charlie Gallo: elected
City Council:

  • At Large: Jesse Adams: re-elected
  • Ward 3: Owen Freeman-Daniels: re-elected

Ward 4 Alderman: Christine Barber: unfortunately was not elected this time.
Ward 7 Alderman: Katjana Ballentyne unfortunately was not elected this time.
At-Large City Council: Amaad Rivera, unfortunately lost his bid to return to the Council.