2013 Delegates to the Democratic State Convention

The 2013 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention will be at the Tsongas Center at UMASS Lowell in Lowell, Massachusetts on July 13th, 2013!  We are excited to return to Lowell, a beautiful New England mill city, and a great venue for bringing together Democrats. This year is a Platform convention, which means that delegates will vote to adopt an updated statement professing the beliefs, positions, and priorities for the Democratic Party of Massachusetts. More information on the Platform can be found here, including hearings to discuss and proposes changes.

Though the business and festivities of the convention are still months away, the process is already underway and there are key steps that every town/ward committee needs to follow, and every interested delegate should understand.

How to become a Delegate

If you are not already an ex-officio delegate based on your status as a Democratic State Committee member or elected official, there are two ways to become a delegate or an alternate for the 2013 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention.

1. Run at your caucus. Each Democratic city or town committee holds a caucus in early spring to elect delegates to the Convention. Some bigger cities hold caucuses by ward instead of together as a city. Find your caucus here. Each city/town/ward gets a designated number of delegates based on population. If you think there might be competition for the seat, bring other registered Democrats from the area with you and ask them to commit to voting for you.

2. If you do not hold an ex-officio seat and you are not elected at your local caucus, or you missed your caucus, you may still apply to be an add-on delegate.

Delegate Fees and Youth Add-on Delegate Applications
Consistent with the Democratic Party’s commitment to including historically underrepresented communities, you can apply to be an add-on delegate as a youth,minority (for Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian American, or Cape Verdean Americans) or disabled delegate. You can fill out your Youth Add-On Application Form online here. Please ensure you fill out “Young Democrats of Massachusetts” in the section that reads “I am active in a Democratic Organization.” Forms must be submitted to the State Party by March 30th, 2013.

The fee waiver form is also available online this year. The Massachusetts Democratic Party will evaluate all waivers that come in and find amicable solutions to guarantee no delegate is left out due to financial constraints.

If you have any further questions about the delegate process, please contact YDM State Committeeman Mark Bracken, or State Committeewoman Courtney Elgart.

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