As you can imagine there was a lot of coverage following last night’s debate. From MSNBC to The Phoenix, we’ve got you covered.

Following the debate Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo went on MSNBC’s Ed Show with Ed Schultz to discuss Elizabeth Warren’s performance.

David Bernstein of The Phoenix thought Elizabeth Warren did a good job, but something was off with Sen. Brown. I agree he was off, but for another reason: he wasn’t ready to defend his record. Is it any wonder why the Senator didn’t stick around to talk to reporters after the debate?

The Globe’s Glen Johnson, live blogged the debate. And after the debate wrote, ” it was clear Thursday that he [Sen Brown] is facing a worthy adversary.”

David from Blue Mass Group has also done a great job of recapping last night’s debate including insights from the Globe’s Scot Lehigh, WGBH’s Adam Reilly, and The Phoenix’s David Bernstein. Rather than reproduce all his great work, just head on over to BMG and check it out.

And finally the moderator of the first debate Jon Keller gave us his insights on last night’s debate. He said, “I found it more informative and useful than just about everything that came before in this campaign.” The format of last night’s debate was very constructive for voters. Jon allowed both candidates to respond to each other multiple times on the same issue. And generally stayed out of the debate. I can’t remember who said it last night [Professor] Dan Kennedy said it best on twitter, ” How do you know @kelleratlarge is a good moderator? Because you barely know he’s there. First-rate. #wbzdebate.” (just like those NFL refs).

Having watched the debate and read the recaps, I think it’s clear, Elizabeth Warren gave a solid performance. Three more debates like last night combined with the campaign’s incredible ground effort and we have ourselves a race. Whether you’ve been out there all year or you’re thinking about going out this weekend for the first time, we need you.  Sign up for YDM’s “Youth Boots” program and we’ll let you know about our volunteer opportunities for Elizabeth Warren and all the great Democrats running this fall.