This is part of a series of brief interviews with our endorsed candidates by YDMA’s Mina Pollmann.

Candidate: Tom Merolli

District: Worcester & Norfolk

Town: Mendon

How You Can Help Out: Sign up to volunteer at


(1) What is the issue you have learned the most about by talking directly to voters as part of the campaigning process? 

The widespread degree of drinking water issues is something I never completely considered until I started talking to people at the door back in February. One of the most vivid memories on the campaign trail was when I was invited inside a house I was canvassing in Webster and the resident showed me her laundry stained rust colored by the water. 
This in an issue in several communities I am hoping to represent. Whether its due to outdated water infrastructure, or the potential of contaminated materials being dumped on drinking water sources (, we need to solve these issues so that people have access to clean drinking water. We don’t need another Flint.


(2) What gets you excited to wake up in the morning and spend the day campaigning? 

Seeing all the volunteers who have put so much time and energy into this campaign and who are looking to improve things for this district. This is more than just a political campaign. It has become a movement, and we have seen people from every walk of life join in. I am truly humbled by the support I’ve received for this people-powered grassroots effort.

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(3) As you get to know your district better by campaigning in it, what do you love about your district that you want the rest of Massachusetts to know about?  

So much history has happened here! Uxbridge was the home of the first woman voter, Oxford was the birthplace of Clara Barton, America’s first woman soldier enlisted in Bellingham, Mendon published a series of resolves at a town meeting that would later become the Declaration of Independence, Hopedale was a hotbed of abolitionist thought, and the list goes on!