This is the first in a series of brief interviews with our endorsed candidates by YDMA’s Mina Pollmann.

Candidate: Dr. Katie McBrine

District: Plymouth & Norfolk (Senate)

Town: Hingham

How You Can Help Out: Sign up to volunteer at


(1) What is the issue you have learned the most about by talking directly to voters as part of the campaigning process? 

That they are tired of the dysfunction on Beacon Hill, including supporting various legislative actions and not seeing them pass, and that they are excited to have a different kind of candidate for state senate. We haven’t a physician in the state senate since 1936, and it’s about time we had another.


(2) What gets you excited to wake up in the morning and spend the day campaigning? 

The fact that we’re going to win, and we’re going to start making meaningful change. I’m going to be able to help my families, and all families in the Commonwealth. That keeps me going.


(3) As you get to know your district better by campaigning in it, what do you love about your district that you want the rest of Massachusetts to know about?  

There’s a lot of stuff to do here. There are beautiful parks and beaches, there are lots of family-oriented events, and there is tremendous community support for active, well-designed, well-stocked libraries. And there are a lot of people here who truly care about each other and about working to make the world better for everyone.