Date: Monday Mar. 12, 2018
Time: 6:30pm – 8pm
Meeting Location: MassDems HQ, 11 Beacon Street, 4th Floor
Conference Call #: (641) 715-3580 – Access Code: 256632

Roll Call Attendance

Rebecca (Secretary), Matt (President), Melissa (Membership & Outreach), Chris A (At-Large), Caesar (Communications), Helena (Diversity and Inclusion), Chris S (Western Mass), Brittany (YDA Committee Rep Female Identifying), Christine (Events), Mike K (South Shore), Sarah (Fundraising), Jack (Disability Caucus), Joclyn (Latino Caucus), Laura (LGBT Caucus), Mike D (Neponset Valley), Isaac (Public Policy), Farrah (Women’s Caucus)

President’s Remarks

  • Western Mass Kickoff was great
  • Neponset Valley Feeny event was great
  • Wednesday night (3/14) is Black Kickoff event, Solomon did a great job promoting the event
  • Central Mass election moved to 27th of March
  • Establishing steering committees for inactive chapters and caucuses
  • We will be releasing statement regarding horrific incident on Cape Cod
  • Charter Convention on Mar 20
  • Annual Convention on May 12 – Maura Healey
  • More plans for Greater Boston events

New Chairs – Led by Melissa

  • Joclyn is interim head of the Latino caucus
  • Laura is interim head of the LGBT caucus
  • Ed and Solomon interim heads of the Black Caucus
  • Working on Interfaith caucus, Parents caucus, Veterans Caucus

Treasurer Report – Led by Rebecca (Frank isn’t able to attend)

  • End balance: $1,638.42
  • No major expenditures this month
  • OCPF reached out and asked Frank be put on the GBYD PAC. Frank is first working on getting on the bank account. The account has $340 in it.

Membership Report – Led by Melissa

  • Chapter/caucus attendance records – need them for tracking voting ability for charter convention and annual convention
  • Planning drop-in sessions at Greater Boston, featuring different caucuses
  • VoteBuilder Webinar is being set-up
  • Virtual meetings, quarterly, 3/29

Convention Update – Led by Rob

  • Email Rob if you are interested in helping out
  • Trying to build out breakout sessions (8)
    • Specific topics we want to cover – morning (personal development), afternoon (issues)
  • Trying to figure out who we should get for second speaker
  • Maura Healey in the morning
  • Isaac – really important at least one session be a convening for chapter and caucus leadership to share problems and lessons learned, seated in circle, getting to know and share
  • Matt wants to have retreats for chapter and caucus chairs
  • We have a space, near Kendall Square
    • Melissa bringing up accessibility issues – Isaac will investigate

DSC Rep (Female-Identifying) Interim Vote – Led by Rob

  • Rebecca read Lisa’s statement
  • Lisa is now our interim DSC seat, by unanimous vote

Jim Hawkins Endorsement Vote – Led by Mike D.

  • Farrah abstained
  • Everyone else said yes
  • YMDA endorses for 2nd Bristol

March for Our Lives Endorsement Vote – Led by Rebecca

  • YDMA unanimously endorses

Inactive Chapter Bylaw Vote – Led by Rebecca

  • YDMA unanimously endorses

Charter Proposal Deadline Vote – Led by Melissa & Rebecca

  • YDMA passes

Events Update – Led by Matt

  • YDMA team for March for Our Lives
  • Greater Boston socials
  • Mike Capuano meet and greet – Rob is organizing
  • Ayanna Pressley meet and greet – Rob is organizing
  • Election April 3rd for Jim
  • Other open elections

New Business

  • Board votes Caesar as interim Communications Director
  • Apply as an add-on delegates