Wednesday, October 16 — This evening, the Massachusetts House voted to change the date of the 2020 state primary to September 1st, a move that will disenfranchise countless young voters across the Commonwealth, in the supplemental budget. 

“We are very disappointed to hear that the MA House is planning to schedule next year’s state primary on September 1st,” said Young Democrats of Massachusetts president Rebecca Pinn. “This is a major move-in day throughout Massachusetts. In light of the affordable housing crisis that our state faces, many young people are forced to move every one or two years as their rent continues to go up and up. We should be taking every step possible to encourage civic engagement among young people, not make it more difficult.” 

Cities like Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, Lowell, New Bedford, Fall River, Lawrence, Somerville, Lynn, Malden, and Holyoke are all majority-renter, according to Governing Magazine. And in the City of Boston, two-thirds of all leases turn over on September 1st. 

Pinn continued, “2020 will be an important year. We urge the Senate not to make the same mistake as the House and and to choose a primary that will lead to the highest possible turnout.” 

The 2020 state primary will see the contested race for US Senate, several hotly contested Congressional primaries, and state and county races throughout the Commonwealth.