Lezlie 	Campbell

Lezlie Campbell

President president@ydma.org

Lisa	Stevens-Goodnight

Lisa Stevens-Goodnight

Vice President vice_president@ydma.org

Terry	Altherr

Terry Altherr

Secretary secretary@ydma.org

Chris	Mirabella

Chris Mirabella

Treasurer treasurer@ydma.org

Cory	Bisbee

Cory Bisbee

Membership and Outreach Director membership@ydma.org

Rebecca	Pinn

Rebecca Pinn

President Emeritus

Sharon	Solomon

Sharon Solomon

YDA Representative yda_fi@ydma.org

Rob	Cohen

Rob Cohen

YDA Representative yda_mi@ydma.org

Liz	Reardon

Liz Reardon

DSC (Female-Identifying) dsc_fi@ydma.org

Brandon Yu Iizuka Rivas

Brandon Yu Iizuka Rivas

DSC (Male-Identifying) dsc_mi@ydma.org

Ryan	Freed

Ryan Freed

Political Director political_director@ydma.org

Vernon	Walker

Vernon Walker

Policy Director policy_director@ydma.org

Jay Manuel	Rivera

Jay Manuel Rivera

Communications Director communications@ydma.org

James Leo	Bedard

James Leo Bedard

Fundraising Director fundraising@ydma.org

Roberto	Jiménez-Rivera

Roberto Jiménez-Rivera

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Director edi@ydma.org

Vivian Nguyen

Vivian Nguyen

Technical Director technical_director@ydma.org

Caucus and Chapter Chairs


AAPI Caucus: Chair Chao Huang aapi_caucus@ydma.org
Black Caucus Chair: Armani White black_caucus@ydma.org
Disability Caucus Chair: Leslie Templeton disability_caucus@ydma.org
Jewish Caucus Chair: Rebecca Kanter jewish_caucus@ydma.org
Labor Caucus: labor_caucus@ydma.org
Latino Caucus Chair: Enrique Pepen latino_caucus@ydma.org
LGBTQIA+ Caucus Chair: Samantha Montaño lgbtqia_caucus@ydma.org
Parents Caucus Chair: Maura Flanagan parents_caucus@ydma.org
Veterans Caucus Chair: veterans_caucus@ydma.org
Women’s Caucus Chair: Ally Blanck womens_caucus@ydma.org
DSC Youth Services Subcommittee Co-Chair: Jeremy Comeau
DSC Youth Services Subcommittee Co-Chair: Alicia DelVento
CDMA President: Hayley Fleming
MAHSD President: Thomas Coulouras

Cape Cod and Islands Chair: cape_cod@ydma.org
Central Mass Chair: central_mass@ydma.org
Greater Boston Chair: Rob Barnes greater_boston@ydma.org
Merrimack Valley Chair: Matt Chilliak merrimack_valley@ydma.org
MetroWest Chair: Natalie Tassy metrowest@ydma.org
Neponset Valley Chair: Nick Alto neponset_valley@ydma.org
Western Mass: Mark Cote western_mass@ydma.org
North Shore: Carl Anderson north_shore@ydma.org
South Coast Chair: William Kimani south_coast@ydma.org
South Shore Chair: Melissa Schapero south_shore@ydma.org