Date: Monday Jan. 08, 2018
Time: 6:30pm – 8pm
Meeting Location: MassDems HQ, 11 Beacon Street, 4th Floor
Conference Call #: (641) 715-3580 – Access Code: 256632

Roll Call Attendance: Jonathan, Helena, Matt, Ed, Melissa, Mike, Frank, Brittany, Max, Yaniv, Farrah, Caesar, RJ, Chris, Isaac, Jack, Lisa, Alex, Sarah, Hannah, Bryan, Kevin, Jeremy, Christine

President’s Comments – Led by Matt

  • Election year!
  • Town elections too – we will do what we can to support good local candidates
  • Working on fundraising – Matt making calls, starting to do monthly donations, encouraging board members to donate recurring – trying to go as digital as possible
  • Wanting to get more stringent on attendance
  • Calendar – please let Rebecca know if you have events
  • Having a January 2018 social – moving to the 30th (to avoid conflict with Stonewall Dems)
  • The leadership of the black caucus resigned so we are rebuilding black caucus – wanted to go a separate direction – looking forward to being friendly groups who work together
  • Announcing vacancy for YDA committeewoman seat soon via email
  • YDA conference in NY 1/19-1/21

Treasurer Report  – Led by Frank

  • $1550 in PAC (approved expenditures – $280 for pride, $750 Mass Alliance, $235 envelopes)

Membership & Outreach Update – Led by Melissa

  • Reconciling membership lists (to make the May 2018 convention easier)
  • Ensuring chapter chairs know who is interested in YDMA from main list
  • Improving sign-up on websites
  • VoteBuilder – giving out user agreements in order to get access, webinar training
  • Melissa can provide chapter chairs with lists for those who haven’t finished webinar
  • Wants a VoteBuilder strategy meeting
  • Virtual meetings – another one at the end of January (make it regular recurring time), using Zoom as a platform
  • Candidates Panel – co-hosting with Suffolk Dems, Rob will moderate, Thursday Feb 15
  • Working on getting all caucuses up (restart Black, LGBT, Interfaith, New Americans, Labor, Veterans, Latino, Disability)

Website Share – Led by Caesar

  • Our website got a revamp! Check it out
  • Send content!
  • We need pictures

Vote on bylaw changes – Led by Rebecca

  • Elections block
    • All Yes
    • No No’s
    • No Abstains
  • Tabling Inactive Chapters and Caucuses – needs more detail
  • Need a binder for “New Chapter Formation”

Vote on platform – Led by Isaac

  • Lots of thoughts, Isaac taking notes
  • Collaboration document open for commenting
  • Follow-up meeting to get into the weeds

Events Update – Everyone go around and mention upcoming events

  • South Shore/Neponset Event

New Business/Announcements