Hello, YDMA friends!

YDMA had a very successful weekend at the YDA Conference in beautiful Little Rock, Arkansas! It was a great opportunity to get together with our peers from other states and accomplish YDA business while still having a ton of fun.

Various training, caucus, and committee meetings were held including Chapter Building Training, Black Caucus, LGBTQ Caucus, Site Selection Committee, and our Regional meetings among many others.

Ultimately, YDA was able to pass several new charter and bylaw amendments, including an amendment co-sponsored by YDMA President Rebecca Pinn that now requires all official YDA social media content to have more accessible captions.

Of course we had some fun as well, including attending a fundraising dinner, the LGBTQ Caucus party, and some of our own extracurricular activities! Little Rock has so much to offer, and we were excited to take a few minutes to explore. We had some amazing food including Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken (twice!) and some local watering hole cuisine, and we even got to live like true Arkansasians for a few minutes with a visit to a local shooting range and a morning run along the Arkansas River Trail including through the scenic Riverfront Park.

Our next meeting will be in Atlanta March 15th – 17th, and we invite our fellow YDMA members to join us!

YDA Committee Representatives Brittany Pettit and Caesar Nuzzolo