Have you recently turned 18, or will you be 18 before the next local election?

Are you new to Massachusetts?

Did you move off campus or into a new apartment?

Local elections help decide the future of the communities we live in, and it’s vital that students and young professionals have a voice in choosing who will represent us.

If you haven’t registered to vote yet in Massachusetts, or have moved, now is the time to update your registration!

Each city and town can set their own election calendar, but no matter where you are, you need to be registered at least 20 days before the election. Don’t delay, find out how to update your registration today!

Some preliminaries are right around the corner – Springfield’s is taking place September 20, which means you would need your voter registration form postmarked tomorrow! Boston’s is a week later on September 27, which leaves just over a week to get registered. If you’re curious when your preliminary election is, look up the contact information for your Town or City Clerk at wheredoivotema.com.

No matter when your next election is, don’t put off updating your voter registration. Check out this information from the Secretary of the Commonwealth and register – or update your registration – today!

Thanks for voting!