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First of all, we should all take a moment to appreciate the incredible amount of work put in by all of the Democratic candidates and staff (including many Young Democrats on this list).  The time and energy all of the campaigns put forth to serve the Commonwealth is incredible.

And after all of the excitement of the Primary race, we have a great slate of statewide candidates to get elected if we want to keep Massachusetts moving forward.  YDM congratulates and is proud to stand with

We have an exciting opportunity to help YDM-endorsed Tim Dodd beat the Assistant Minority Leader in the 9th Worcester District!  Join YDM for a canvass in Westborough this Sunday, Sept. 19 from 11:30 – 3:30 PM and help us win this race.  We’ll be meeting at 17 Gary Circle, Westborough and if you need help with a ride, email Jonathan Sclarsic.

Are you committed to moving Massachusetts forward by continuing our strong recovery, improving public transportation, supporting education, advancing equality, protecting choice, improving government efficiency, and reducing health care costs?  If so, here are a few other things you can do to make that possible:

It’s no secret that we have some tough races for statewide offices and on Beacon Hill, but if we stick together, we can elect leaders who support our values.  There are 46 days until the November 2nd election and it’s time to get to work.


Let’s win this thing.


PS: Did you move?  Are you still registered to vote out of state?  Turning 18 by November 2nd? If you are living in Massachusetts full-time or as a student you can vote in Massachusetts.  Make sure your registration is up to date: visit and click "Register to Vote Now" on the top of the page!

Kevin B. Gilnack
Communications Director
Young Democrats of Massachusetts