Date: Monday Feb. 12, 2018
Time: 6:30pm – 8pm
Meeting Location: MassDems HQ, 11 Beacon Street, 4th Floor
Conference Call #: (641) 715-3580 – Access Code: 256632

Roll Call Attendance

Phone: Hannah (At-large), Melissa (Membership Outreach), Frank (Treasurer), Michael K (South Shore Chair), Sarah (Fundraising Director), Kevin G (At-large), Jonathan Goldman (Western Mass Interim Chair), James (Central Mass Chair), Yaniv (MetroWest Chair), Jessica (DSC), Ed (Black Caucus Interim Chair)

Person: Rebecca (Secretary), RJ (YDA Committee Rep Male Identifying), Rob (Vice President), Chris (At-large), Caesar (Technical Director), Matt (President), Chad (Neponset Valley Political Director), Jocelyn (Latino Caucus Chair), Mike D. (Neponset Valley Chair), Farrah (Women’s Caucus Chair), Isaac (Policy Chair)

President’s Remarks

  • Rebecca calls for the removal of Jessica Finocchiaro from her DSC seat. A formal email will be sent following the board meeting.
  • RJ hosting Town Halls in Western mass
  • Rebecca, Matt and Hannah want to create more materials and initiatives around getting young people involved in the Democratic party (town and ward committees, youth-add on delegates)

Treasurer Report

  • $1,295 on hand

YDA Committee Rep (Female-Identifying) Vote – Led by Rob

  • Brittany voted in

Safe Communities Act Endorsement Vote – Led by Mike K.

  • Voted to endorsed
  • Chris will write press release

Platform Vote – Led by Isaac

  • Mike concerned there hasn’t been a formal policy meeting
  • New platform passed

Inactive Chapters Bylaw – Led by Rebecca

  • Rebecca will take another pass

Social Media Bylaw – Led by Rebecca

  • Bylaw passed

Conflict of Interest Discussion – Led by Rebecca

  • Tabled for next meeting

Switch to MailChimp  – Led by Caesar

  • We use MailChimp now instead of VoteBuilder
  • Farrah wants her own email domain (using Gmail for now)

Clarifying Endorsements – Led by Matt, Melissa, Rebecca

  • Chris would like us to start endorsing in primaries
  • This will be part of a bigger conversation at a future meeting

New Business

  • Melissa wants help planning virtual meetings
  • Ed reminding us about the Valentine’s Day event
  • Ed wanted to know next steps to the black caucus