Over the next two months, we look forward to working hard to elect Jay Gonzalez and Quentin Palfrey and bring back strong Democratic leadership to the Corner Office.

Every day, Donald Trump and the Republicans are taking steps to roll back the progressive reforms passed by President Obama. It is vital that states like Massachusetts continue to carry the mantle of forward-thinking policymaking.

Jay and Quentin are ready to do that – whether it comes to building on our past progress in health care reform to taking bold action to combat climate change to investing in education and transportation so that we have the public education and public transit systems we deserve to making sure that Massachusetts is a state where all are welcome, regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socioeconomic status. These are the Democratic values that we hold dear.

It has been disheartening to see certain Democratic officeholders endorse our Republican governor, who has sought to make Massachusetts the first state to roll back the Medicaid expansion, parroted the same xenophobic rhetoric around our immigrant communities that Trump has, and undermined and undercut programs and policies that help working families and ensure a healthy environment.

As young Democrats, we work hard to elect Democrats up and down the ticket, and we expect them to share and to fight for basic Democratic values. We have been inspired by the unity rallies and canvasses around the state that are a testament to the energy and enthusiasm among the Democratic grassroots.

2018 is an important election year—a referendum on a reactionary and hateful administration in Washington. Our Republican governor Charlie Baker won’t stand up to Donald Trump, but on Tuesday, November 6th, Massachusetts voters can.