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The Young Democrats of Massachusetts Announce 2012 Endorsements

Boston, Massachusetts – October 17, 2012 – The Young Democrats of Massachusetts (YDM) have announced the endorsement of 22 Democratic candidates who have demonstrated a consistent track record of building a better commonwealth for young people to succeed. YDM chose candidates for their unwavering advocacy of youth issues including jobs and the economy, access to…
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Why I volunteer, and why I believe you should join YDM’s Youth Boots program. A #Demdoors diary

This past weekend marked the second weekend of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts Youth Boots volunteer program. Last weekend, we spent time in Westborough in support of YDM’s endorsed candidate┬áState Senator Jamie Eldridge. This weekend we pulled double duty. Saturday, we were in Pembroke for YDM’s endorsed candidates Josh Cutler, Senate President Therese Murray, and…
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Election 2012: Watch the 2nd US Senate Debate

Did you miss the 2nd US Senate debate between Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren? You can watch the full video here!

Young Dems, Samuel L. Jackson has a message for you. Wake the….

Enjoy the video (NSFW) and then join us this weekend.

Young Dem Dylan Hayre provides the youth perspective on the 2012 elections

Dylan Hayre, young Democrat and Chair of the Natick DTC was on NECN’s Broadside with Jim Braude the other night discussing the youth perspective on the 2012 elections.

Recap from last night’s debate

As you can imagine there was a lot of coverage following last night’s debate. From MSNBC to The Phoenix, we’ve got you covered.

Election 2012: WBZ US Senate Debate 9/20 – Part 2

Part 2 of WBZ-TV’s US Senate Debate on 9/20. After you finish watching, visit our Facebook page and let us know what you thought of Thursday night’s debate.

Election 2012: WBZ US Senate Debate 9/20

Did you miss the debate tonight because you were working late or studying for class? Don’t worry! YDM has you covered. Courtesy of WBZ-TV, here’s the video from the first US Senate Debate. We think you’ll agree that Elizabeth Warren did great! She’s the only candidate that will stand with us all of the time.…
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Canvassing Lessons From A Beginner

On Sunday, April 15th, I went out to Everett, MA to canvass with the Greater Boston Young Democrats to engage voters around Elizabeth Warren. First thing about canvasing is that you don’t get to choose where you’re going to be. You are where the need is. For me, this meant two things: I had to…
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Day of Action for Elizabeth Warren

Across the country and even here in Massachusetts the decision is clear. We must come together to support candidates that are fighting for the middle class and demanding that everyone including millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. Our country’s future is brightest when we all chip in to invest in our infrastructure and grow…
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