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Benson receives Young Democrats’ Endorsement
Organization pledges ground and financial support to re-elect progressive leader

BOSTON – The Young Democrats of Massachusetts (YDM) is proud to announce its endorsement of Democrat Jen Benson for re-election as State Representative, representing Boxborough, Harvard, Shirley, Lunenburg, and parts of Acton and Lancaster.
“As an advocate for education, reform and civic involvement, I am honored to be one of the handful of legislators endorsed by the Young Democrats of Massachusetts,” said Benson.  “I believe that in order to improve the performance and responsiveness of our government we need to involve and engage more people.  By getting people involved at a young age, we infuse government with fresh ideas, new perspectives, and help create the next generation of decision makers and leaders.
Benson earned the endorsement of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts based on her track record of making government work better through ethics, pension, and transportation reforms, as well as her accomplishments in public education and public works investments.

“Representative Benson has stood up for students across the Commonwealth leading the legislature to invest wisely in our school systems.  She has helped balance budgets while improving education and test scores.  YDM is excited to help re-elect Rep. Benson for her commitment to helping create an educated and successful future for Massachusetts,” said Elaine Almquist, vice chair of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts.

 Jen’s commitment to public education led her to run for the Lunenburg School Committee in 2003. She served for over five years on the committee and became the elected Chair. Jen began her tenure on the board during a difficult time for the schools and was instrumental in rebuilding the relationships between the schools, the town, and the other town boards.

As a member of the Lunenburg School Committee, Jen brought the schools and town together to create a balanced budget for five straight years, while also improving the education and test scores of the children.  As Chair of the School Committee, Jen was responsible for a budget of $15 million and has worked effectively as liaison to the Finance Committee and member of the Capital Planning Committee.  As member of the Primary School Building Committee, Jen worked with architects, builders, and town officials to build an outstanding new school while completing the project on budget.

As a legislator, Benson delivered special legislation to enable a town center wastewater project for Harvard and helped Lancaster balance its school budget by passing special reserve fund legislation.  She also secured funding for school district transition costs to support Shirley’s regionalization efforts.  In addition to education, Benson was a leader on progressive issues like ethics, pension, and transportation reform.

Jen has also served as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Lunenburg Democratic Town Committee, where she re-energized community activists and helped to elect strong leaders to represent the region.  Jen and Brent Benson have been married since 1993. Brent works for Oracle Corporation as a Software Applications Architect. Jen and Brent have three children, Hannah, 16, Maya, 14 and Noah, 10 who all attend the Lunenburg public schools.

The Young Democrats of Massachusetts is a partisan political organization with over seventeen hundred members mobilized to create positive change across the Commonwealth.  Our members are the leaders of today: Democrats under the age of 36 committed to getting Democrats elected and promoting progressive legislation.  We are the future: now.