Dear Union Friends and Allies,

The recent election in Wisconsin, while demonstrating the power and passion of union members and those who support them, also showed just how important elections are to maintaining collective bargaining as a right in this nation. While the outcome is not what we had hoped for, our resolve is ever growing. This November we must flex our muscle and show Mitt Romney, Scott Brown and the other Republicans we won’t give up, we won’t back down and we’re ALL IN!

I believe the biggest lesson we have learned is that we are up against candidates with deep pockets. These candidates are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Our opponents will spread misinformation and attempt to dismantle our unions by any means. As future leaders of the Democratic Party, YDM needs to be at the forefront of the partnership between organized labor and our party.

We cannot accomplish this without your help. I am asking each of you to give just a short amount of time and attend our Kickoff Meeting on July 9th, at SEIU Local 888 in Charlestown MA.

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Governor Deval Patrick has called on us to “Grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe in.” This is the time to stand up to Wall Street and stand up for Main Street. We need to support equal pay for women and the collective bargaining rights of all workers. We also need to ensure Sen. Ted Kennedy’s dreams of affordable health care for all are carried out and become reality.

In November, we must re-elect President Obama, elect Elizabeth Warren as our next Senator, and continue to elect Democrats to Congress. The YDM Labor Caucus can do just that by supporting grassroots organizing, staging events, phone banking, and sponsoring candidates that share our values.

Even if you can’t make the event, please support us by:

In Solidarity,

Jeremy J. Comeau
Labor Caucus Chairman