• PVYD member Alex Morse is elected Mayor of Holyoke, becoming the youngest mayor in the state.


  • YDM Board passes charter for Worcester Young Democrats.


  • MDF changes its name to Young Democrats of Massachusetts.
  • Four Young Democrats and one former YDM board member run for the open 3rd Suffolk House seat vacated by former Speaker of the House Sal Dimasi The seat is won by former Young Democrat Aaron Michlewitz.
  • YDM Board passes charters for the Greater Boston Young Democrats and the Women’s Caucus.
  • Four endorsed Young Democrats in the Pioneer Valley win their seats for local offices.


  • Seventeen-year-old Joe Lazzarini, YDM member, runs for a seat on Attleboro City Council.
  • Young Democrats nation-wide help elect Barack Obama as the first Black President of the United States, participating in the same percentages as elderly voters.
  • YDM member Mark Bracken is appointed YDA Budget Chair.


  • Joff Smith becomes the youngest person to run for public office in Worcester, and wins a seat on the Worcester City Council at age 26.
  • MDF passes sweeping reforms to the Charter.


  • On May 17, same-sex marriages become legal in Massachusetts. Young Democrats across the state demonstrate unity with the GLBT community to celebrate this historic victory.


  • Clinton Bench is elected to one of YDA’s three seats on the Democratic National Committee.


  • MDF forms first regional chapter on the North Shore.
  • MDF works with Mass NOW to help defeat the anti-gay Super DOMA initiative.
  • MDF helps YD Jamie Eldridge become the first Clean Elections candidate to be elected to the legislature.


  • Former MDF Chairman Clinton Bench is elected YDA Secretary.
  • Democratic State Convention allocates MDF and the College Democrats of Massachusetts two representatives each on the Democratic State Committee.


  • With a sizable paid campaign staff, MDF is active in the New Hampshire campaign for the Gore/Lieberman ticket as well as various campaigns in Massachusetts.
  • Mark Falzone, one of MDF’s first committee chairs, becomes the second MDF board member to be elected to the state legislature.


  • After years of effort, MDF finally helps to pass a state student loan tax cut.
  • MDF Chairman Evan Rauch is elected YDA treasurer.


  • MDF helps to pass a new state gun control law, one of the toughest in the nation.


  • MDF works to elect Jim McGovern and John Tierney to Congress. Their victories over Republican incumbents gave Democrats all twelve Massachusetts seats in Congress.


  • MDF becomes the official Massachusetts affiliate of the Young Democrats of America.
  • MDF works successfully at the Democratic State Convention to increase the number of youth seats at future Democratic State Conventions as well as the Democratic State Committee.


  • MDF works for Senator Kennedy and other Democrats Democratic incumbents were largely successful in winning re-election.


  • MDF works on its first special election Hal Lane becomes the first Democrat ever to represent Holden While he is not a Young Democrat, he will be succeeded by an MDF board member, David Bunker.
  • MDF provides crucial grassroots support for the state’s new motor voter law.


  • First convention writes platform. A few weeks later, the first organizational meeting elects the first board and adopts a charter Massachusetts Democratic Future (MDF) is born.
  • MDF endorses candidates and works on their campaigns.
  • Thirty-year-old Cheryl Jacques defeats Senate Minority Leader David Locke, a crucial part of the five-seat swing in the state senate that shifts most Beacon Hill power away from the Republican governor to the Democratic legislators, who can now override vetoes in both chambers.


  • A small group of young Democrats, mostly recent college graduates, begin meeting with State Party Chairman Steve Grossman.