Executive Committee

  • President: Matthew Murray*
  • Vice President: Robert Cohen
  • Treasurer: Frank Ulip
  • Secretary: Brian Sears
  • Membership and Outreach Director: Melissa Schapero

 Board Members

  • Communications Director: Alex Siegel
  • Events Director: Christine Lowe*
  • Political Director: Jazmin West
  • Public Policy Director: Kate Margolis
  • Public Service Director: Rebecca Pinn
  • Diversity Director: Helena Berbano
  • YDA National Committeeman: Jim Blatchford*
  • YDA National Committeewoman: Rachel Quinn*
  • Democratic State Committeeman: Bryan Barash*
  • Democratic State Committeewoman: Jessica Finocchiaro*
  • Chair Emeritus: Vacant

At-Large Board Members

  • Chris Addis
  • Kevin Gilnack
  • Brittany Pettit
  • Hanna Switlekowski

College Democrats Representatives

  • Emily Stetson

Regional Chapter Chairs

  • Greater Boston: Ronald Cross
  • Merrimack Valley: Jessica Finocchiaro*
  • North Shore: Jaime Figueroa
  • Western Mass: Casey Pease

Caucus Chairs

  • Black Caucus: Samuel Gebru
  • Disability Caucus: Jack Suslak
  • Women’s Caucus: Farrah Ridore
  • GLBT Caucus: Vacant
  • Hispanic Caucus: Vacant
  • Jewish Caucus: Vacant
  • Labor Caucus: Vacant
  • Veteran’s Caucus: Vacant

The Current Board of Directors (except Democratic State Committeeman and Committeewoman) were elected in 2017 and will serve until the Annual Convention in 2018.

*Indicates members of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee.

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