UPDATE: The legislature has released their revenue plan, and we do not think it goes far enough. The plan might be voted on as early as Monday, April 8th. Please sign our petition calling for a stronger investment plan for the Commonwealth.

A Primer on Campaign for our Communities

The Campaign for Our Communities was formed to “improve the strength of the Massachusetts economy and the quality of life for Massachusetts residents”. It is an activist organization with the goal of influencing policy toward smart investments in our population and communities. To this end, the policies they organize on behalf of focus on tax reforms and revenue.

An Act to Invest in Our Communities is their “model legislation.” It would raise $2 billion dollars by restoring the income tax rate to 5.95% while increasing the personal exemption to hold down increases for low and middle income families, and raise the tax rate on investment income to 8.95%, with an exemption for low and middle income seniors. The Committee would support other legislation that would achieve these goals. An Act to Invest in our Communities is supported by groups such as the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, Progressive Mass, the MTA, and now the Young Democrats of Massachusetts. Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz has sponsored the bill, which is now in committee on Beacon Hill.

The Committee’s plan is to pass revenue reform in Massachusetts before 2013 is out. In order to do that, they’ve been engaged in an 18-month campaign to make the need for investment in our communities clear by:

  • Mobilizing activists to call for adequate revenues to invest in our communities through local grassroots organizing and social media outreach.
  • Demonstrating local support through municipal resolutions, forums, and press coverage.
  • Building a broad coalition of allies.
  • Educating the public on the need for revenue and community investment.
  • Meeting with legislators in their local communities to discuss with them the need for revenue.

To get involved, please contact the Board. Visit the Committee website and sign their petition at www.OurCommunities.org, write letters to the editor of your local paper about the needs in your community, and of course speak to your legislators!

Tina-Marie Stanton
Chair, Greater Boston Young Democrats