Massachusetts Democratic Party Endorsing Convention

The Massachusetts Democratic Party Endorsing Convention will take place at the DCU Center in Worcester on June 1st and 2nd, 2018. At the convention, the Democratic candidates will be chosen to be on the ballot for the 2018 primary and general elections.

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For the Convention, local town and ward committees organize a caucus to elect delegates to represent their town or ward at the 2018 convention. These caucuses will take place between 2/3/18 and 3/4/18. If a meeting has not been scheduled and announced on by January 22, 2018, any ten registered Democrats, residing within the affected ward or town, may be authorized to call such a meeting, provided that each sign a request for such authority from the Chair of the State Committee to be submitted by February 5th, 2018. Such request must include a proposed caucus site.

Requirements to Run as a Delegate at Caucus

• Only registered/pre-registered Democrats residing in the ward or town may vote and/or run for Delegate/Alternate. You may register at the time of caucus.
• You have to attend the Caucus to run (unless active military).
• You must be 18 by the primary election on 9/18/18.
• You must be able to attend the Convention.

Electing Delegates at Caucus

Nominations are done verbally, and participants can nominate themselves! Nominations must be made and votes cast separately for each candidate for Delegate or Alternate.

Electing Delegates and Alternatives

Nominees can make a 2-minute speech in support of their election. Election is by a plurality of those present and voting. A runoff will be conducted in the event of a tie vote. Anyone who runs for Delegate and does not win may run for Alternate.

Becoming an Add-on Delegate

Add-On seats are chosen by the State Committee and are done to ensure there is Delegate representation that reflects the whole community. There are Add-On seats for disabled, minority, youth (under 35), and LGBT+ delegates. Anyone who is not elected at their caucus but meets one of those criteria can apply! An individual does not have to run for delegate to apply, but priority is given to those who ran at their caucus – and members of Young Democrats of Massachusetts. We will post the link to apply for an add-on seat on our Facebook page!

Thank you to the South Shore Young Dems for creating this guide!