Elections for 2013-2015 Board of Directors

The majority of positions of the Board of Directors will be filled at the YDM Annual Convention on August 17th. Any voting member of the Young Democrats may run for a position on the board. Members must be under 36; registered Democrats, or if ineligible to register, affirm the platform of the Democratic Party; and have attended a minimum of 2 YDM events in the last year. To announce your candidacy, please email elections@ydma.org. You may run from the floor at the convention as well.

Candidates Announced for Executive Board

Where there are contested races, candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Chair: Elizabeth Maynard
  • Vice Chair of Administration and Finance:
  • Vice Chair of Programming and Policy:
  • Treasurer:
  • Secretary: Tim Dodd
  • YDA National Committeeman: Jonathan Sclarsic
  • YDA National Committeewoman: Elaine Almquist
  • Membership and Outreach Committee Chair:
  • Political Committee Chair: Joe Lazzerini
  • Public Policy Committee Chair:
  • Fundraising Committee Chair:
  • Diversity Committee Chair:
  • Communications Director:
  • Chair Emeritus: Automatically filled by the previous Chair

Candidates Announced for At-Large Board members (4 seats)

Chapter and Caucus Leaders

Chapter and Caucus leaders are elected by the corresponding Chapter or Caucus in their annual election cycle. For more information contact Membership Director Mike Fox.


  • Greater Boston Young Democrats (April)
  • MetroWest Young Democrats (June)
  • Worcester County Young Democrats (December)
  • South Coast Young Democrats (July)
  • Pioneer Valley Young Democrats (September)
  • Merrimack Valley Young Democrats (January)
  • North Shore Young Democrats


  • Women’s Caucus
  • Hispanic Caucus
  • Jewish Caucus
  • Labor Caucus
  • GLBT Caucus
  • High School Caucus
  • Minority Caucus
  • Veteran’s Caucus

For further information, please refer to the YDM Charter and Bylaws.

Democratic State Committee Members

Two representatives from YDM are appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors within 30 days of the end of their 4-year terms. These positions will be elected at the June Board meeting. Candidates:

  • Democratic State Committeeman: Mark William Bracken
  • Democratic State Committeewoman: Courtney Elgart