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Have a say in your local elections

Have you recently turned 18, or will you be 18 before the next local election? Are you new to Massachusetts? Did you move off campus or into a new apartment? Local elections help decide the future of the communities we … Continue reading

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YDA Statement on the Ames Straw Poll

As Iowans consider the Republican presidential candidates this weekend at the Ames Straw Poll, it has become increasingly clear that this field has little or nothing to offer for young Americans.  The GOP candidates continue to lurch to the right, … Continue reading

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From the White House Blog: Myths and Facts About the Debt-Ceiling Compromise

The White House Blog has a new post with an informative infographic on how the debt-ceiling compromise will work, as well as an interesting Myths and Facts breakdown to set the record straight. Check out the infographic below and press … Continue reading

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Jim Messina, Barack Obama 2012: Here’s the deal

Students, young professionals, and people of all ages have watched the ongoing debt ceiling negotiation with great interest and concern, so we wanted to share with members a message from Barack Obama’s Campaign Manager Jim Messina, which includes a video … Continue reading

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Young Democrats celebrate 20 years of activism

BOSTON – Members and supporters of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts will celebrate the organization’s 20 years of empowering young people to participate in the Democratic party and advocacy on Beacon Hill. The Young Democrats of Massachusetts 20th anniversary celebration will … Continue reading

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